A-C Soccer
  • Annville-Cleona High School Varsity/JV Soccer Rules

    All players and parents receive a copy of team rules that must be signed off on to state understanding of the team rules. 

    "Some people think [soccer] is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that." - Bill Shankly

    General Rules

    1. A player that is involved in initiating, hazing, or harassing a fellow teammate will be removed from the team for a period of time determined by the coach, athletic director, and school administration.  The period may range from a minimum of one week to a maximum of removal from the team.
    2. A player will be removed from the team for any situation involving alcohol or other drugs (including steroids) during the season.  These situations include any time on or off of school facilities during the 24-hour day.  This time period runs from the first practice date to the awards banquet.  Any incidence will be reported to the appropriate school officials for further action.
    3. A player will NOT be permitted to participate in a practice or a game that day if the player has to serve in any detention (administrative or teacher assigned).  A player may NOT participate in a practice or game from the date an administrative suspension has been assigned until the suspension has been completed.  Every practice or game missed is considered an unexcused absence and will result in the actions explained in rule #4.
    4. All players are expected to be on time for practices.  Arriving late to practice twice will be considering one unexcused absence.  A player should call or give prior notification to Mr. Kreiser or Mr. Lamb for any absence.
    5. Two unexcused absences will result in a game suspension.  Three unexcused absences will result in a three game suspension.  A player will be removed from the team roster for any subsequent absences.
    6. Players must shake the hands of the opposing team and officials after a game has been concluded.
    7. Foul language in practice will not be tolerated.  Players will run for each occurrence.
    8. When a player is substituted for in a game situation, the player should report immediately to the coach upon leaving the field.
    9. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.  Players may serve a one or two game suspension for their conduct.
    10. Stealing anything from your teammates or from the other team will result in your immediate removal from the team.
    11. If a player is absent (excused or unexcused) the day before a game, the player will not play in the game for the first fifteen minutes.
    12. Players are responsible for maintaining their academic eligibility in accordance with the PIAA and school standards.  
    13. Players must be recorded for school attendance prior to 10:45 am to be eligible to participate in that day’s activities.
    14. The season officially ends on the night of the soccer banquet.  All equipment must be returned during (or before) this function for players to receive their awards.

    Preparation for Practice or Games

    1. Players are to wear all appropriate equipment and supportive undergarments including shin guards unless directed by the coaching staff.
    2. Wear outer and undergarments that are appropriate to the humidity and temperature.
    3. Players should ingest 4-6 glasses of water each day.
    4. Players with visual impairments(s) should wear corrective shatterproof glasses, sports goggles, or contact lenses if the impairment affects judgment or perception.
    5. All jewelry must be removed.  Medical identification jewelry must be secured in accordance with PIAA rules. 

    Locker Room

    1. Be alert of slippery floors.
    2. Be alert to changes in floor textures.
    3. Keep floors and lockers litter free.
    4. Place all personal belongings in your assigned locker.  You will need to place a lock on your locker.  The locker room will be locked during practice times.
    5. Do not wear soccer cleats into the building, except for the locker room entrance.
    6. Remove mud and grass from you cleats before entering the locker room. 

    Caution and Injuries:

    1. Do not hang on or climb on the soccer goals.  
    2. If lightning or thunder is in the area, move to a safe area immediately.  The game or practice may be resumed if no thunder or lightning is detected after a period of 30 minutes.
    3. The trainer has the final determination if a player may resume playing after an injury.  Players that have seen a doctor must be cleared by the doctor and then cleared by the trainer before returning to the team as an eligible player.
    4. Players may experience an injury while playing soccer.  The injuries include sprains, muscle and ligament tears, broken bones, lost teeth, and concussions.  In rare cases, even death has resulted from an incident on the field of play.
    5. Players should immediately notify a coach concerning their own injury or an injury to another player.
    6. Players may need to assist the coaches by helping the injured person, calling for additional assistance, bringing first aid equipment to the site, and directing the rescue squad to the accident site. 

    "It helps a lot...We get a jump start and get to know everything and be together as a team when a lot of teams aren't." - Pelé