1.         Practice Begins at 3:00 sharp ( Saturdays 8:00 am) unless otherwise posted.  This is the time at which you are to begin practice (stretching, jogging, drills, ect.) not the time at which you are to report to the locker room to dress.


    2.         Wrestlers who are hurt or sick; contact coach immediately. Wrestlers are still required to attend and observe practice if they are in school.  (stay involved)


    3.         Every wrestler should be showered, dressed, and out of the building within 30 minutes of the end of practice or within 15 minutes of the return from a match.


    4.         You are responsible for your own actions and remember, you are representing your school.  No horseplay or profanity is acceptable at any practice, match, on the bus, in the locker room, or at any wrestling function.


    5.         Keep the locker room, the travel bus, and your equipment clean and picked up at all times.  Take your dirty clothes home.  These
                   areas will be inspected periodically.


    6.         Wrestlers are required to have a lock on their lockers (and for away matches) at all times. 


    7.         The wrestling season is often marred by bad weather.  Dress accordingly and be prepared to run outside everyday. (running shoes, socks, hats, gloves, ect.)


    8.         The use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products is strictly prohibited and is grounds for dismissal / severe punishment.  These substances are not good for your body.


    9.         There will be no mouthing off or uncalled-for gestures to any coaches, officials, or teammates.


    10.       All wrestlers must be on time for school the day of a match and the day after a match unless you have school approval or an appropriate excuse.


    11.       Each wrestler must be within 3 pounds of the weight class in which he will compete in order to eliminate for that weight class.  Also each wrestler must be within 1 1/2 pounds of their weight class the night before a match to compete the next day. Emergencies will be considered. CAUTION: extreme fluctuations in weight is not healthy for the wrestler and will not be tolerated.  Pick a comfortable weight class.  (weight will be checked and recorded every night after practice.


    12.       PAY CLOSE ATTENTION:

                         Excused Absences:  sickness, death in the family, injury,academic concerns, and family emergencies.

                         Unexcused Absences:  anything else.


    **special note**:          1)  please make all appointments before or after practices; not during set practice hours.

                                        2)  if you are injured, but in school, you are expected to observe practice.




    13.       Wrestling comes second to academic / school concerns (assignments, grades, ect.).  If you need help or see problems starting to arise with school work, contact coach for help or possible solutions.


    14.       It is the purpose of the Junior Varsity Program to provide support and experience for all wrestlers and to improve the quality of the Varsity Program.  Accordingly, a rotation system will be used to fill JV positions as much as possible.


    15.       Suits and ties are not required attire for away matches. Nice casual dress is required.  We want to project the image of this team as a class act at all times.


    16.       You are responsible for issued equipment at all times. Any equipment lost or left lying around will result in monetary pay back. Please check and keep track of all equipment / clothing at practice and prior to a meet.  All uniforms and warmups are to be clean for every match.


    17.       Every wrestler must travel to and from every away match on the team bus, unless the athletic director, and coach are notified in advance.