• Team Rules

    ·      Be on time.

    ·      Respect yourself, your teammates, your opponents, and the game.

    ·      All school Rules in your handbook will be followed.

    ·      You are a student first and an athlete second, all players must be academically eligible to play in matches.

    ·      Unexcused absentees will result in being ineligible to play in the match following the unexcused absences.


    There are only a few rules. But they must be followed. You are young men and will be treated like young men unless you fail to follow the team rules.


    1.) All players and coaches need to keep in mind that they represent Annville-Cleona High School. Whether you are at home, school, at practice or at a match. Players and coaches are expected to treat others (classmates, teachers, teammates, opponents, coaches and themselves) with dignity and respect.

    2.) Players must always be cognizant of the score of their match and be very honest on their line calls. There are no officials to make the calls, so you must ALWAYS play with Honesty and Integrity.

    3.) Players will hold on to their racquets at all times, and always use care when swinging your racquet around others.

    4.) Wear Proper footwear and have your laces tied. Be prepared for cold weather; bring proper clothing to practice and matches.


    Practice officially begins at 3:00 pm. But we will have a Pre-Practice weight lifting session and all players are to report to the weight room at 2:35 everyday we do not have a match.