• Thank you for your willingness to help make a difference for these children and their families who are battling cancer.  We want to make sure that you are collecting donations in a responsible and safe manner, so please follow the guidelines below:

    1.  Never go door-to-door to individuals you do not know.  Stick to family, friends, family co-workers, etc.  A good technique you may employ is to draft a letter that you can send to distant relatives and friends with a link to your online donation page or information about how to send you a check.  Also utilize social media.  Tweeting out or posting on Facebook the link to your online donation page is an excellent way for you to get donations in a safe way.  It also allows your parents to share your posts with their own friends!

    2.  You may use the donation tracking sheet (located with the other forms on this page) to help track your donations if you find that easier.  However, this tracking sheet is not required nor will it be collected at the mini-thon event.


    3.  If you have an individual who wants a tax-donation receipt, please see Mr. Clements in room 126 or email him at rclements@acschools.org


    4.  If you plan to solicit a business donation, please see the Business Sponsorship link on this page to print out the appropriate form which is required for EVERY business wishing to make a donation, no matter how big or small.  This is different from in years past, so if the business wishes to be recognized in some way, you must make it a priority to fill out this form and return it to your high school or middle school mini-thon advisors by the appropriate deadline.

    5.  Ask your parents or relatives if their place of employment offers "MATCHING FUNDS."  All this means is if the employee makes a donation to a charity, like Four Diamonds, that person obtains a matching funds form from their workplace, writes a check to Four Diamonds, and then you submit the form and the check to us.  We will make sure Four Diamonds receives it and does all the rest.  Best of all, you will be credit for twice the amount!