• Annville-Cleona School District Student Transportation
                               Request For Bus Stop Change
    Please follow the following guidelines when completing a Request for Change Form:  

    1.             No new bus stops or bus routes will be created. 

    2.             Requests for special transportation must be submitted on this form a minimum of five (5) days prior to the requested starting date for special transportation.

    3.             The special transportation arrangements must be for every day during the school week (Monday-Friday) with one constant stop in the a.m. and one constant stop in the p.m.

    4.             Arrangements will be contingent upon availability of bus seating. 

    5.             If a new student to an assigned area needs bus seating that is currently being used under a special transportation arrangement, the special transportation student must relinquish his/her seating to the new student. 

    6.             For the beginning of the school year, requests must be submitted on the form listed below by July 15. Requests received between August 15 and August 26, 2020, will take effect September 8, 2020.

    7.             The school bus driver shall NOT accept notes written directly to them by parents.

     Please click the link below to complete the Transportation Change Request Form: