Sight Words

    Sight vocabulary is extremely important to the process of reading. Our goal is for each student to become a fluent, independent reader. In order to accomplish this goal, sight vocabulary must be recognized quickly. Sight words are not to be decoded. According to research, fluent readers recognize sight vocabulary words within three seconds. The instant recognition of sight words aids students in comprehending what they read.

    At the beginning of each marking period, a sheet of sight words will be sent home. Please practice these words at home on a regular basis. The following ideas can be used to reinforce instant recognition of sight vocabulary words.  (For many of the activities, you will want to select just 5-15 words to work with at one time.)


    Ideas for Practicing Sight Words

    Words can be written on index cards to use as flashcards, or you may want to download and print the following flashcards:
    • Spread sight word cards on the floor. Say a word and have your child hop to it.
    • Spread sight word cards on the floor or table. Say a word and have your child use a fly swatter or hand to swat it.
    • Make two sets of sight word cards, and play memory.
    • Post sight words in the house and have your child search for the words.
    • Find words in ads, newspapers, and magazines.
    • Although students are not required to spell sight words, using a variety of techniques will help your child recognize these words. Have your child form words with magnetic letters, Play-Doh, or pipe cleaners. Make it fun to write sight words by using sidewalk chalk or markers.
    • Use the following ideas from I Love to Teach to make reading sight words fun!