Q: How can I join the newspaper, yearbook, or ACDN-TV staff?
    A: Each of the publications is produced through school board-approved curriculum courses. High school students must first take “Introduction to Journalism” (a semester course). After successful completion of this course, students have the option of taking “Journalism Publications” (a year-long course) and/or “Journalism: Broadcast News I” (a semester course).  Only after a student has taken "Broadcast I" may a student take "Broadcast II."  Any of these courses, other than the "Introduction to Journalism" course, may be taken more than one time.

    Q: Can I participate in any of the publications without taking the course?
    A: No. Even though the school newspaper will accept letters to the editor from students not enrolled in the “Journalism Publications” course, students who are not enrolled in the courses cannot participate in the publications since students who are taking the courses receive credit for completion of articles, yearbook pages, broadcasts, and so forth.

    Q: May I take any of the courses more than one time?
    A: Yes. After the successful completion of “Introduction to Journalism,” a student may take the other three courses relating to newspaper, yearbook, and broadcast news multiple times for credit. If you take two semesters of “Broadcast I,” for example, you will receive .5 credit for each semester you complete.

    Q: What does ACDN-TV stand for?
    A: Annville-Cleona Dutchman News

    Q: The school’s yearbook is named “Corinoma.” What does that mean?
    A: Years ago, a sophomore would typically purchase a class coat, a junior would purchase a class ring, and a senior would receive a diploma. “Corinoma” is a word blend from those three objects that were once typical for an A-C student (COat-RINg-diplOMA).

    Q: How does a teacher have a yearbook dedicated to him/her?
    A: Staff members who have taught at Annville-Cleona for five years are eligible for consideration by the senior class to have a yearbook dedicated to him/her. Additionally, teachers who have had a yearbook dedicated to him/her must wait ten years before being eligible for consideration again. Seniors then vote from a list of eligible staff members.