Kindergarten Sight Words

    Sight vocabulary is extremely important to the process of reading. Our goal is for each student to become a fluent, independent reader. In order to accomplish this goal, sight vocabulary must be recognized quickly. Sight words are not to be decoded. According to research, fluent readers recognize sight vocabulary words within three seconds. The instant recognition of sight words aids students in comprehending what they read.
    Please practice these words at home on a regular basis. The following ideas can be used to reinforce instant recognition of sight vocabulary words.  (For many of the activities, you will want to select just 5-15 words to work with at one time.)

    Ideas for Practicing Sight Words

    Words can be written on index cards to use as flashcards, or you may want to download and print the following flashcards:
    Sight Word Detective

    Have your child be a sight word detective.  He or she can locate words around the house or in print materials they encounter in his or her daily lives. 


    Paper Plate Toss

    Write sight words on paper plates. Use like Frisbees



    Write words in the tic-tac-toe spaces. 

    Take turns selecting a space to read.  If read correctly, an X or O is placed on the space until someone wins.


    Play Coin Toss

    Put words on the floor- children take turns to toss a coin onto a word and say that word.


    Sight Word Chalk

    Have the child go outside and practice writing his or her words with chalk on the concrete.


    Flashlight Words

    Turn off lights. Tape words on the wall or ceiling.  Use the flashlight to shine on the word then read.

    Play Dough
    Make words using play dough.
    Beat the Clock
    How many times can a word be written in 1 minute etc.
    Stepping Stones
    Place words on the floor and children walk over them saying the word as they go to get to the other side of the stream. 
    Delicious Words
    Write your words in whipped cream, peanut butter, or anything you can eat!
    Good Clean Words
    Write your words in shaving cream on a counter or some other surface that can be cleaned safely.
    Go Fish
    GoFish cards can easily be made using index cards. Simply write each word on two cards, shuffle and deal to play.
    Letter Magnet Spelling
    To reinforce sight word spelling, provide the child with a set of magnetic letters and a metal surface (ex. cookie sheet). 
    Call out sight words and ask the child to use the magnetic letters to spell out the words.
    Word Searches
    Create word searches featuring sight words or use one of the many available on the internet.
    Played just like the game Bingo, but this version uses sight words instead of numbers on a grid card.
    Sight Word concentration cards can easily be made using index cards. Simply write each word on two cards, shuffle and lay face down to play.