There are several steps in the process of being eligible for admittance into the Annville-Cleona Chapter of NHS and NJHS. The criteria is based on the National Guidelines and the National principles of scholarship, character, leadership and service.

    1. Students must have the required cumulative grade point average (GPA).

    The required GPA will be 3.67 for all grades in middle and high school.
    2.  NO marking period of final course grade of D's or F's in any type of course.
    3. The GPA criteria comes from the end of the previous school year. For example, if a student is a sophomore, then his/her eligibility is based on the end of the freshman year.
    4. Students must also maintain good character in all that they do.
    The advisor receives a list of all current students who meet this preliminary criteria, and delivers letters to them in the first month of school stating that they have been selected to apply.  If students choose to apply, they must go on line to the Honor Society school club page and download the digital application form.  
    The application must be completed digitally and shared back with the advisor by the deadline.  No late applications will be accepted. 
    The faculty council is contacted to assist the advisor in determining each applicant's eligibility based on good character, service, leadership and co-curricular involvement. Students need to have enough experience in each of the areas listed on the application.  No categories may be left blank.
    JHS applicants need a total of 15 points with no zeroes in any category

    NHS applicants need a total of 20 points with no zeroes in any category

    Students who meet all of the requirements will then receive a letter of acceptance. Students who do not meet the criteria receive a letter that states what areas need to be improved and suggestions on how to increase those areas for re-applying the next school year.

    If any member of NHS or NJHS falls below the guidelines listed above, he/she will be put on probation for one semester and will have to show good standing again in order to remain a member. These students will receive a letter stating this information.

    All information in every step of the process is confidential and private. The faculty council does not share any information with anyone besides the building principals. If a student would like to discuss any of this information, he/she should contact the advisor.