Section 1. The Faculty Council, in compliance with the rules and regulations of the National Honor Society, shall determine the procedure for dismissal. A written description of the dismissal procedure shall be available to interested parties.

    Section 2. Members who fall below the standards that were the basis for their selection shall be promptly warned in writing by the chapter adviser and given a reasonable amount of time to correct the deficiency, except that in the case of flagrant violation of school rules or the law, a member does not have to be warned.

    Section 3. The Faculty Council shall determine when an individual has exceeded a reasonable number of warnings.

    Section 4. In all cases of pending dismissal, a member shall have a right to a hearing before the Faculty Council. (Note: This hearing is required and is considered "due process" for all members –Ed.)

    Section 5. For purposes of dismissal, a majority vote of the Faculty Council is required.

    Section 6. A member who has been dismissed may appeal the decision of the Faculty Council to the principal and thereafter under the same rules for disciplinary appeals in the school district. Section 7. NASSP shall hear no appeals in dismissal cases.

    (Note: Refer to Article VIII, Section 7 regarding the permanent consequences for members when dismissed.)