Those who contribute to the EITC program have the option (although it is not required) to select one of the following specific project(s) that those EITC funds will support.  These are the programs currently approved by the state.


    Artist in Residence

    The purpose of the Artist in Residence (AIR) program is to provide a creative, natural environment for emerging professional artists and to broaden student and faculty awareness of new approaches and techniques. In conjunction with local higher education organizations including Lebanon Valley College and Harrisburg Area Community College, the district will provide regional cultural resources through workshops, exhibition, and gallery programs as a benefit to the community. In return the students of the district will have an opportunity to explore a variety of artistic influences. Funds for this program will support the costs incurred as a result of hosting an artist in residence.

    Drama Camp

    Drama Camp will be hosted yearly to enhance creative expression in children grades 3‐10 and enhance appreciation for the theatre. Each session incorporates introduction to the theatre through characterization, memorization, staging, lighting and scenery production, and will conclude with a performance. Funds will purchase costumes, games and activities related to theatre arts, and related materials.

    Odyssey of the Mind

    Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem‐solving opportunities for students grades 3 ‐ 12. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. Creativity is promoted by challenging teams to solve divergent problems. Through working collaboratively, participants acquire teamwork skills, advanced problem solving, understand others, and learn a group is a more powerful force than an individual. Funds for this project will be utilized to purchase supplies for Odyssey of the Mind practice/team building, travel/lunch at competition, and coaching fees.

    Visiting Authors

    This is a program to bring noted authors into the Annville‐Cleona School District schools to share their insights and experiences. The program will bring current children’s’ book authors/illustrators as selected by a committee that includes the school librarian. The authors/illustrators will hold small group sessions that allow the children to explore the creative world of writing and illustration. The program would work similarly to the Artists in Residence.

    After School Science Enrichment

    The proposed science enrichment program is a ten‐week program designed to enrich the elementary science curriculum as well as promote further interest in science. This program will be developed by science teachers and taught by the STEM Club students from the high school – providing an opportunity for students to mentor younger students. It will give students interested in science a chance to advance their science skills and knowledge through hands on, interactive, innovative experiments and labs. Funds will be used for the cost of materials and labs in the program as well as to pay for the development of the curriculum by a certified teacher. Additionally, overall supervision of the program will be conducted by an on‐sight certified teacher.

    A-C DN News

    Video is becoming an increasingly common medium for student assignments in all disciplines. Mobile devices allow for simple video creation, instructional activities such as student presentations are greatly enriched with the use of a physical studio. While A‐C DN is currently operational on a weekly basis, the curriculum for the video‐broadcasting students would be greatly enhanced if the students were to be able to present news on a daily basis, in “real time” and in a physical studio. The funds for this program would be used to create an advanced studio for studio presentations, purchase One Button Studio technology along with the supporting cameras and various equipment needs, provide training for the teacher, and provide materials needed for the classroom space.

    STEM Team Compositions

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Team Competitions are designed to promote students’ interest in science and technology for students in grades 3‐12 and expand on their skills and interest. Using the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) program as its fundamental base, the program will involve students in the FIRST Vex Robotics Challenge, offering them a new and exciting platform for learning about science, computer programming, mechanical engineering, math and physics along with teamwork, project management and problem solving in groups. Funds for this program will be utilized to purchase the FIRST program, support the staffing for STEM teams, and training and materials necessary for STEM competitions.

    Mathematics Blended Learning Experience

    Designed to enhance and enrich mathematics understanding through visual learning, this educational software incorporates STEM strategies alongside interactive, graphically‐rich animations to advance conceptual understandings in the mathematics and technology arenas, as well as, apply sophisticated problem‐solving skills.

    Dutchman Maker Space

    The Dutchman Maker Space will transform areas of the school district buildings of the Annville‐Cleona Schools into places for youth and adults to explore creative solutions to real‐world problems and incubate business ideas. The Dutchman Maker Space will provide an opportunity for students to explore Entrepreneurship in Action through art, design, STEM and business workshops. Additionally, ongoing workshops in wood, prototyping, video and more will be available. Multiple opportunities to use enabling technologies, visualization technologies and consumer technologies will be the goal.

    Outdoor Research/Learning Center for Secondary Students

    To supplement secondary student’s learning experiences in agriculture, environmental, biological, life science and earth science classes, and allow for real-world problem solving and experimentation. Subjects to be studied are Plant Science, Plant Science and Anatomy, Plant Propagation, Management and Crops, Integrated Pest management, Landscape Contracting, Plants in the Landscape, Introduction to Agricultural Sciences, Wildlife Aquatics, Natural Resources, Plant Science, AP Biology, The Nature of Life, Cells, Ecology, Pennsylvania Wildlife, Aquatics, and Natural Resources, Conservation, Wildlife Management, Whitetail Deer, Wildlife Species of PA, Amphibians and Reptiles of PA, and Aquatics and Fishery Science. As well As AP Biology, Cellular Energy and Related Processes, Evolution and Phylogeny, Diversity in the Biological World: Organism Form and Function, Small Animal Science and Management, Birds, and Fish.

    Summer Arts Enrichment Educational Bridge

    SPLAT’s Summer Arts Enrichment Educational Bridge is designed to provide hands-on visual arts learning opportunities for students-in-need completing grades kindergarten through fifth in Cleona and Annville Elementary Schools. The art camps are created to advance students’ development by keeping them mentally active over the summer months and by cultivating their creative confidence.  Cultivating creative confidence is at the core of SPLAT’s foundation and inspires our staff to host an environment that is conducive to learning new skills and meeting children at their level of understanding and ability. Hands-on visual arts learning through an experience in one of SPLAT’s summer art camps.  The camp selections offered to students will foster cognitive growth as students experiment, problem solve, and make decisions about their artwork.