• Annual Public Notice

    Annual Public Notice of Special Education Services and Programs, Services for Gifted Students, and
    Services for Protected Handicapped Students

    In compliance with state and federal law, notice is hereby given by the Annville-Cleona School
    District that it conducts ongoing identification activities as part of its school program for the
    purpose of identifying students who may be in need of special education and related services
    (eligible students). Individualized services and programs are available for children who are
    determined to need specially designed instruction due to the following conditions:

    ● Autism
    ● Deaf-Blindness
    ● Deafness
    ● Emotional Disturbance
    ● Hearing Impairment
    ● Intellectual Disability
    ● Multiple Disabilities
    ● Orthopedic Impairments
    ● Other Health Impairments
    ● Specific Learning Disabilities
    ● Speech Language Impairment
    ● Traumatic Brain Injury
    ● Visual Impairment Including Blindness
    ● Mentally Gifted & Talented

    If you believe that your school-age child may be in need of special education and related services,
    screening and evaluation processes designed to assess the needs of the child and his/her
    eligibility are available to you at no cost, upon written request. You may request screening and
    evaluation at any time, whether or not your child is enrolled in the District’s public school
    program. Requests for evaluation and screening are to be made to the Director of Student Services.

    In compliance with state and federal law, the Annville-Cleona School District will provide to each
    protected handicapped students without discrimination or cost to the student or family, those
    related aids, services or accommodations which are needed to provide equal opportunity to
    participate in and obtain the benefits of the public school program and extracurricular activities
    to the maximum extent appropriate to the student’s abilities.

    In order to qualify as a protected handicapped student, the child must be school age with a
    physical or mental disability, which substantially limits or prohibits participation in or access to
    an aspect of the public school program. These services and protections for “protected
    handicapped students" are distinct from those applicable to all eligible or exceptional students
    enrolled (or seeking enrollment) in special education programs.

    In compliance with state law, the Annville-Cleona School District provides services designed to
    meet the unique needs of gifted students. The Annville-Cleona School District identifies “gifted”
    students on a case-by-case basis based on state law and District policy. Such students may
    possess superior IQ scores or meet multiple criteria indicating gifted ability. If your child is
    suspected to be in need of such services, you will be notified of evaluation procedures. If you
    believe your school age child may qualify for gifted education services, you may contact the
    Director of Student Services at any time to request a determination of eligibility. Please note
    that entitlement to gifted services includes only those rights provided for by Pennsylvania law.

    For further information on the rights of parents and children, provision of services, evaluation
    and screening (including purpose, time and location) and rights to due process procedure, you
    may contact the Director of Student Services, Mrs. Carolyn Richards at 867-7600 or via email at

    All information gathered about your child by the public school is subject to the confidentiality
    provisions contained in federal and state law. The District has policies and procedures in effect
    governing the collection, maintenance, destruction and disclosure to third parties of this
    information. For information about these policies and procedures, as well as definitions of
    disability-related terms and the rights of confidentiality and access to educational records, you
    may contact the Director of Student Services or a building principal.

    Evaluation Process
    Each school district, intermediate unit, and charter school has a procedure in place by which
    parents can request an evaluation. For information about procedures applicable to your child,
    contact the school, which your child attends. Telephone numbers and addresses can be found at
    the end of this notice. Parents of preschool age children, age three through five, may request an
    evaluation in writing by addressing a letter to the Early Intervention Program at
    Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13. Telephone number and address can be found at the end of this notice.

    School entities cannot proceed with an evaluation, or with the initial provision of special
    education and related services, without the written consent of the parents. For additional
    information related to consent, please refer to the Procedural Safeguards Notice which can be
    found at the PaTTAN website, www.Pattan.net or by contacting the Director of Student Services 
    at the Annville-Cleona School District. Once written parental consent is obtained, the
    district will proceed with the evaluation process. If the parent disagrees with the evaluation, the
    parent can request an independent education evaluation at public expense.

    Program Development
    Once the evaluation process is completed, a team of qualified professionals and parents
    determine whether the child is eligible. If the child is eligible, the individualized education
    program team meets, develops the program, and determines the educational placement. Once the
    IEP team develops the program and determines the educational placement, school district staff,
    intermediate unit staff, or charter school staff will issue a notice of recommended educational
    placement/prior written notice. Your written consent is required before initial services can be
    provided. The parent has the right to revoke consent after initial placement.

    Confidentiality of Information:
    School districts, intermediate units and charter schools maintain records concerning all children
    enrolled in the school, including students with disabilities. All records are maintained in the
    strictest confidentiality. Your consent, or consent of an eligible child who has reached the age of
    majority under State law, must be obtained before personally identifiable information is released,
    except as permitted under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The age of
    majority in Pennsylvania is 21. Each participating agency must protect the confidentiality of
    personally identifiable information at collection, storage, disclosure, and destruction stages. One
    official at each participating agency must assume responsibility for ensuring the confidentiality of
    any personally identifiable information. Each participating agency must maintain, for public
    inspection, a current listing of the names and positions of those employees within the agency
    who have access to personally identifiable information. For additional information related to
    student records, the parent can refer to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

    This notice is only a summary of the Special Education services, evaluation and screening
    activities, and rights and protections pertaining to children with disabilities, children thought to
    be disabled, and their parents. For more information or to request evaluation or screening of a
    public or private school child contact the responsible school entity listed below. For preschool
    age children, information, screenings and evaluations requested, may be obtained by contacting
    the Intermediate Unit. The addresses of these schools are as follows:

    Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13
    1020 New Holland Avenue
    Lancaster, PA 17601
    Tel: (717) 606-1600

    Annville-Cleona School District
    Administration Office
    520 South White Oak Street
    Annville, PA 17003
    Tel: (717) 867-7600
    Fax: (717) 867-7610

    Annville-Cleona Middle/High School
    500 South White Oak Street
    Annville, PA 17003
    Tel: (717) 867-7700
    Fax: (717) 867-7712

    Annville Elementary School
    205 South White Oak Street
    Annville, PA 17003
    Tel: (717) 867-7620
    Fax: (717) 867-7624

    Cleona Elementary School
    50 East Walnut Street
    Annville, PA 17003
    Tel: (717) 867-7640
    Fax: (717) 867-7644