Bienvenue au club de français
    Per school policy, any parent who wishes to participate in any capacity with students must follow all district procedures for volunteer clearances. Please visit the HR page for details.
    French Club will meet one time a month, on a mutually agreed upon date and time, to welcome the maximum number of students. The club is open to grades 9-12. One need not be enrolled in French to participate, but interest in French culture and language is required. Please note that we do participate in one service activity at Cleona Playground, in the summertime. We have also had crêpe sales in the past, to fund future activities.
    This year, because of the change in format of the French program, French club will potentially become French help. Students who cannot meet at this time, due to other commitments like work or sports, should make arrangements with Madame for help at another time after school.