Dr. Krista M. Antonis

717-867-7600 ext. 5000
Assistant Superintendent_img

Dr. Josiah Keene

Assistant Superintendent
717-867-7600 ext. 5003
Director of Business_img

Steven Ritter

Director of Business
717-867-7600 ext. 5001
Assistant Business Manager_img

Tianna Jackson

Assistant Business Manager
717-867-7600 ext. 5005
Director of Special Education_img

Danielle Heisler

Director of Special Education
717-867-7600 ext. 5002
Secondary School Principal_img

Laurie Bowersox

Secondary School Principal
717-867-7700 ext. 4950
Director of Athletics/Secondary Assistant Principal/District Community Relations Liaison_img

Thomas Long

Director of Athletics/Secondary Assistant Principal/District Community Relations Liaison
717-867-7700 ext. 4952
Secondary School Assistant Principal_img

Kevin Brindle

Secondary School Assistant Principal
717-867-7700 ext. 4960
Annville Elementary School Principal_img

Ross Hopple

Annville Elementary School Principal
717-867-7620 ext. 2920
Cleona Elementary School Principal_img

Angela Love

Cleona Elementary School Principal
717-867-7640 ext. 3930
Director of Technology_img

Nathan Byler

Director of Technology
717-867-7600 ext. 5072
Director of Buildings & Grounds_img

Jason Hill

Director of Buildings & Grounds
717-867-7600 ext. 5080
Network Administrator_img

Keith Kemmerling

Network Administrator
717-867-7600 ext. 5071