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    Annville Elementary School  
    School counseling services are offered to all students at Annville Elementary School, utilizing a developmental approach.   As an Elementary Counselor, I have the unique opportunity to follow our students each year from Third Grade through Sixth Grade.  I am able to provide counseling and consultation services in the following areas: academic development, personal/social development, and career development.  I provide these services through individual and small group counseling, developmental classroom guidance lessons, and academic screening and assessment.  I act as a consultant for teachers, support staff, and parents. I also help coordinate services outside of the school setting to assist students and families in need.   
    Lindsey Longo, M. Ed 
    (717) 867-7620 Extension 2921   
    Cleona Elementary School

    A variety of school counseling services are available to students at Cleona Elementary throughout the school year.  I have the opportunity to meet with students when a need arises to provide a listening ear and positive support.  Our students sometimes need help in how to solve a problem, often involving a peer.  They may have some social or behavioral skills to develop, and we can work on that together.  Consultation with staff and parents is an important part of our support process as we all work together to create a safe and caring environment for students in and out of school.  As coordinator of our Student Success Team, I collaborate with administration, staff and parents to identify barriers to academic and personal growth and develop interventions to address areas of need.  I work with teachers to develop and refine positive behavior plans, as well as conduct and coordinate a variety of academic and behavioral screenings.  In collaboration with our school social worker, we can provide direction about accessing additional outside support services as those needs emerge. 
    Contact Information
    Please feel free to contact me with questions about services available or concerns you may have regarding your student. 
    Joe Hawk
    (717) 867-7640 Extension 6324