One to One

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the goals of the 1to1 Program?

·        To promote an environment where students have access to anytime-anywhere learning.

·        To equip teachers with the tools necessary to differentiate instruction for personalized learning.

·        To prepare students with essential digital literacy skills needed to compete in a global workforce.

·        To provide deeper learning opportunities that reach beyond a traditional classroom setting.

·        To encourage & motivate students to think critically and apply skills needed for real-world innovation.

·        To cultivate self-directed lifelong learning, responsibility, and collaboration using digital communication and productivity tools.

Q:  How will the 1to1 program help me academically?

A: Educational research shows that when students effectively use computer devices in the classroom, students are provided with deeper learning experiences. To compete in our global economy and equip our students for post-secondary education, the district needs to provide a learning environment that integrates today’s digital tools, accommodates mobile lifestyles, and encourages students to work collaboratively in team environments.  Through providing this learning environment, we will meet these globally competitive demands which will allow students to manage their own learning at any time and at any location. This program is designed to enhance current teaching/instructional strategies.

Q: When will I receive the district-issued device?

A: Students will receive their device within the first two weeks of school, barring any manufacturing delays that are out of the district’s control.

Q: May I use my own carrying case?

A: Students in the elementary school must use the case that the district has purchased. The district has researched many carrying cases and has found that the one provided is the best at minimizing damage.  Students in the High School may use their own bag.  They may request a bag by visiting the helpdesk.

Q: Who owns the district device?

A: The Annville-Cleona School District owns the district device. It is therefore very important that you take good care of it, leave the tags in place, don't damage it or write on it, as it doesn't actually belong to you.

Q:  May I take the district device home?

A:  Students will take the device home.

Q:  May I access the Internet with the district device?

A:  You may use the device at home and access your home internet in support of academics. There is a filter installed, however; parents should not rely on the filter as a catch-all for inappropriate content. There is no such thing as a perfect filter.   Under no circumstances should anyone try to tamper with the installed filter. Any attempts to remove or manipulate the filter will be considered a violation of the acceptable use policy. 

Q:  What do I do if my District device doesn't work or is damaged?

A: Please report to the Technology Department as soon as possible.  It’s important not to delay as one problem can lead to another if not solved right away.  If your computer is damaged, we will evaluate the damage and determine if a fix is necessary for proper operation.  If repair is needed, we will fix it or send it out for repair.  If it needs  to  be repaired, we  will  loan you  a  device to  use  until  it's  returned. Under no circumstances should you or anyone else take the device to a third party to try to fix it. District provided laptops are property of the school District and District personnel shall fix related problems.

Q:  Is there anything special I should do with my District device at home?

A:  Just be sure you plug it in overnight, so you come to school with a fully charged battery.  You will be responsible if your device is not ready for classwork every day. It will be viewed as if you have left your textbook at home if your device is not charged and ready to go every morning.

Q:   How long will I have the district device?

A: The current device refresh cycle is three years.