• Proof of your child's age. Any one of the following constitutes acceptable documentation: original birth certificate, notarized copy of birth certificate, a valid passport, notarized/certified record showing the date of birth, notarized statement from a parent or relative indicating the date of birth, prior school record indicating the date of birth. 

    Immunizations required by law. Acceptable documentation includes: the child's immunization record, a written statement from a former school district or medical office, verbal assurances from the former school that the required immunizations have been completed with records to follow. (A list of required immunizations is in the registration packet).

    Proof of Residency.  Required documents include: a rental agreement OR lease agreement OR mortgage/sales agreement for purchase of property within the district AND a utility bill issued within the past 45 days.  All documentation must have parent or guardian name and home address within school district boundaries.  

    Photo Identification.  (This is required in order to notarize documents at the registration appointment such as a sworn statement attesting if the student has been or is suspended or expelled for offenses involving drugs, alcohol, weapons, infliction of injury or violence on school property and a registration identification affidavit.)

    Other documents that will be helpful for the success of your child: report cards/transcripts, all special education documents (IEP, ER, RR, NOREP), attendance records, any other records relevant to your child's education.