ACDN-TV Broadcast News


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ACDN-TV (Annville-Cleona Dutchman TV) was created in 2009 with the help of alumni Jeff Sim, Zach Gibson, and Matt Harwick.  Students involved in this course create a 10-15 minute episode each week which is broadcast to the school each Friday in the cafeteria and a daily show which is posted on Youtube (click above to view).

Winners of West Virginia University's High School Journalism Competition

2017 Broadcast News:  

2nd Place- Roarke Miller
3rd Place- Dominic MacMillan

2016 Broadcast News:  

3rd Place- Mason Moore

2015 Broadcast News:  

2nd Place- Angela Fair

2014 Broadcast News:  

1st Place- Zack Southall  

2013 Broadcast News:  

2nd Place- Christian Kreamer  

2012 Broadcast News:  

1st Place- Alec Wizar
3rd Place- Adrian Garland   

2011 Broadcast News:  

1st Place- Tricia Light  
2nd Place- Jeff Sim  

2010 Broadcast News:  

1st Place- Jessie Hiam 
3rd Place- Jeff Sim   

2009 Broadcast News:  

1st Place- Jeff Sim