School Board Members

Dr. Kathy Blouch

Years of Board Service: 3
Dates of Board Elections: 2021
Current Term: 2022-2025

Mr. Brent Copenhaver - President

Years of Board Service: 5
Dates of Board Elections: 2019; 2023
Current Term: 2023-2027

Mr. Copenhaver and his wife, Stacey, have lived in South Annville since 2004.  They are grateful to be members of the Annville-Cleona community, which has been a wonderful place to raise their three children Ethan, Emma, and Tanner.

He received a Dairy Science degree from Ohio State University's Agricultural Technical Institute.  He currently owns and operates a dairy farm in South Annville Township.

Living in such an outstanding school district, Brent wanted to give back to the community by serving on the school board.  His goal is to continue to lead the school district so that all students will receive the best education possible to prepare them for a successful future.

Mrs. Cynthia Eby - Vice President

Years of Board Service: 11
Dates of Board Elections: 2013; 2017; 2021
Current Term: 2022-2025

Mrs. Eby and her husband, Doug, have lived in the district since 2007. They have two boys, Drew and Tyler, who are graduates of the Annville-Cleona School District. Cindy wanted to serve the community as a board member to improve communications in the district and has actively worked to continue communications improvement throughout her time on the board. In addition, while being fiscally conscious of spending, she wants to make sure children in the district get the best possible education and is active in reviewing curriculum recommendations that the administration presents to the board.  She is firm believer in parental and community input and welcomes any parent or community member to be active in the school district.

Mrs. Eby attended the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.

Cindy currently heads up a technical consulting and training group at Eurofins Scientific in Lancaster, PA.  She consults with pharmaceutical clients and mentors and trains Eurofins employees.  She helps to improve their writing skills and their understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and what is expected for analytical methods used to test pharmaceuticals that eventually enter the market for human use.  Cindy and her husband, Doug, are also local business owners.

Mr. Robert Evans

Years of Board Service:  1
Dates of Board Elections:  2023
Current Term:  2023-2027

Mr. Robert Evans his wife Karen, and their two children, Abigail and Dominic, have lived in Annville-Cleona for the past four years. Robert and Karen moved into the Annville-Cleona school district to provide their two children with the best possible education. Robert currently works as a journeyman electrician for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. 

Robert has served as a youth football, wrestling, and softball coach for the students of Annville-Cleona and wanted to continue to give back to the community by serving on the school board. Robert is passionate about technical education and ensuring that all students, regardless of their education pathway, are provided with the best education possible to help them achieve their post-secondary goals.

Mrs. Sara Fiebig

Years of Board Service: 5
Dates of Board Elections: 2015; 2023
Current Term: 2023-2027

Mrs. Fiebig is excited to serve on the Annville Cleona School Board. This is her second term serving and she ran again because she believes in the power of education. Mrs. Fiebig has lived in the Annville-Cleona area for 27 years and chose this beautiful area because of the school district.  She knew Annville-Cleona would give her children the opportunity to play sports, participate in extracurricular activities, and receive a quality education. 

Mrs. Fiebig and her husband have two adult children who are graduates of Annville-Cleona, and have seen the benefits of a college path education and a technical path education. Mrs. Fiebig thinks it is important to create learning paths that meet the learning needs of every student. This includes supporting CTC, military track opportunities, the college path, and job training programs. Being in education for 33 years, Mrs. Fiebig has seen the changes in education along with the mindset that not every student will go to college. Mrs. Fiebig would like to see equal opportunities for students to choose the path that is right for them and wants to support the district in helping to create student equity with these opportunities.

Mr. Darren Grumbine

Years of Board Service:  5
Dates of Board Elections:  2019; 2023
Current Term:  2023-2027

Mr. Grumbine grew up on a farm in Myerstown and graduated from ELCO High School in 1993.  He moved to Annville in 2007 where he currently lives and farms with his wife Kristen, sons Dakota (19) and Dalton (18).

Darren joined the school board to give back to the community and district.  He hopes his experience as a business owner and educator will prove valuable to the board.

Mr. Grumbine has a Technology Education degree from Millersville University and a Master’s in Education from Wilkes University.  Darren teaches Agriculture and Technology Education at a neighboring school district where he is also a curriculum leader.

Mrs. Heather Hostetter

Years of Board Service:  9
Dates of Board Elections:  2015; 2019; 2023
Current Term:  2023-2027

Mrs. Hostetter and her husband, Jeff, a graduate of A-C, enjoy living in and serving their community.  They have four sons, grades 7, 10, 11, and one son in college, who participate in sports, music, student council, and FFA. 

Heather’s passion for education and learning fuels her desire to continue serving on the A-C school board.  Her goal is to invest in a quality education for all students while maintaining a common-sense, fiscally responsible approach.  Heather believes that the school board should operate in a manner that reflects the values of our great community.

Mrs. Hostetter attended Pennsylvania State University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy and Animal Science, with a Minor in Ag Business. Heather works for Penn State Health.

Mrs. Colleen Shay

Years of Board Service: 3
Dates of Board Elections: 2021
Current Term: 2021-2025

Colleen and her husband Joe reside in South Annville Township with their three children.  Their son, Danny, is in 8th grade; daughter, Caitlin, is in 10th; and son Jonathon is in 11th at Annville-Cleona Secondary School.  Colleen's family moved to Annville in 2020, the warm welcome extended to their family by district faculty, staff, coaches and parents led to a desire to serve the community.  

Colleen earned her Bachelor of Science in Special Education from West Chester University.  She earned her master's degree in reading education from Slippery Rock University and is currently completing her dissertation for her Ph.D. in Literacy from St. John’s University.  Colleen is a Learning Support Teacher at a neighboring school district, where she has worked for nine years. Before that, she spent ten years as a stay-at-home mom.  

Colleen hopes her knowledge and expertise in the field of education will lead to valuable contributions to the board during her term.

Mr. Christopher Sirriannia

Years of Board Service:  3
Dates of Board Elections: 2021
Current Term:  2021-2025

Mr. Sirriannia is a lifelong resident of Lebanon County, who resides in South Annville Township with his wife Alexis, and 2 daughters who attend Annville Elementary.

Chris is a graduate of Lebanon Catholic High School and West Chester University, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Chris brings over 20 years of business experience, from running his own local business to working for 2 separate Fortune 400 companies. He is currently a Territory Manager for Zimmer Biomet Dental where he manages a multi-million-dollar business unit.
Chris takes great pride in our community and the Annville-Cleona School District. 

As a School Board Director, he plans to use his expertise to help move the District forward as it continues to grow. His knowledge and experience with business and finance make him a great addition to our school board.


Mrs. Stacie Hill
Board Secretary

Mr. Steven Ritter
Board Treasurer