PowerSchool Access & Important Information

  • Each student receives their own PowerSchool User ID and Password. Once you have received this information, check out the PowerSchool page and enter the ID and password to view grades, attendance, teacher comments, etc. This is a great tool for students, parents, and teachers to communicate and keep tabs on important information!


    (*Note- PowerSchool access is turned off at different times throughout the year. The date that it will be turned back on is usually posted on the PowerSchool page.)



    If you are having difficulty signing into PowerSchool or don't know your User ID or Password, please contact the Guidance Office at 867-7700, ext. 4954 or email your school counselor
    and we will happily provide the information to you.

    Some things to keep in mind when using PowerSchool:

    • Students: Be sure to check your grades regularly & make sure you've completed all assignments, projects, & quizzes/tests.

      • Do your best to check PowerSchool and hand things in before your parents review your grades! (helpful hint!)

      • Becoming a responsible adolescent means that you are "doing what you are supposed to be doing" and this includes doing your best on homework, projects, tests & quizzes. (Impress your parents!)

      • If you have any questions about specific assignments, please talk to your teacher because the teacher is the one who assigns the grades! :) Try to ask them questions during advisory/enrichment, during flex, before or after class, during study hall, or at the end of the day. Those times are much better than asking in the middle of class!

    • Parents: Consider checking grades once or twice a week to keep up-to-date with your student's academic progress.

      • Parents have shared that regularly reviewing grades with their student can be a positive experience. For parents, you're able to monitor academic progress with your student while at the same time allowing your student to be accountable for their own grades and handing things in on time. Your student will know that you're an active part of their academic success and that you will know if they aren't meeting academic expectations.

    • Parents: If your student says he/she handed in an assignment, be sure to check PowerSchool to see if the grade was entered

      • Keep in mind that teachers need time to grade the assignment and enter the grade. When you click on the grade for the specific subject, look on the bottom of the page to see when the grades were updated. This will help you clear up any miscommunication. If you have additional questions after reviewing this information, consider contacting the teacher directly.

    • Parents: If you have questions about a specific subject, please contact the teacher directly.

      • Each teacher's email address is located in PowerSchool. Just click on their name when it appears in blue font to send an email to them.

    • Parents: When viewing individual grades within a particular subject, pay more attention to the number of points earned out of the total amount possible rather than the actual percentage or letter grade assigned to it.

      • For example, if a student receives a 3/3 points on a homework assignment, the students would have a 100% A on that assignment. (looks good!). However, if the student only receives 1/3 points on a homework assignment, it will show 33% F (not so good, but keep in mind this is only out of 3 points and is not a major grade).

      • For larger assignments, it is helpful to view the percentage and letter grade because they will have a bigger impact on the overall grade.