Mr. Ryan Clements

Annville-Cleona's yearbook, Corinoma, celebrates the wide array of activities and events from the school year.  All seniors who have met their class dues obligations will receive a free book (to be distributed in May with a spring supplement available in the summer or in the fall).  All underclassmen in grades 9-11 must purchase a book either at school by Mr. Clements or through the Smartpay mailing. 

The book is compiled and put together by students in the course "Journalism-Publications."  In order to be part of the staff, students must first take "Introduction to Journalism" and then meet those requirements before taking "Publications."

Winners of West Virginia University's High School Journalism Competition

2017 Yearbook Layout Design:  

2nd Place- Caleb Bridi

2015 Yearbook Layout Design:  

1st Place- Brenna Longenecker

3rd Place- Lida Lech  

2015 Photography:  

2nd Place:  Jessica Crosson

 2014 Yearbook Layout Design:  

2nd Place- Sam Soliday  

2013 Yearbook Layout Design:  

2nd Place- Janelle Keller  

2012 Yearbook Layout Design:  

3rd Place- Casey Ditzler